Lauren believes that corporate influence (big money in politics), lobbies, and partisan fighting in Washington have allowed employers to attack the organizing rights of their employees.  NOT allowing workers to unionize benefits the CEOs and its shareholders while average workers lose their rights and power.  Lauren believes that all workers in any workplace, profession, or sector should be allowed to and encouraged to organize for their rights, and nobody should be exempt from protection under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the National Labor Relations Act, or other federal labor laws.

Examples of legislation Lauren supports includes Bernie Sanders’ Workplace Democracy Act, H.R. 2474, repealing Section 14(b) of Taft-Hartley, H.R. 582, ending two-stage elections in favor of card check elections, ending at-will employment and noncompete clauses, enacting fair scheduling requirements, codetermindation on corporate boards (40% representation in all publicly traded companies), and a maximum wage for CEOs (30x the lowest salary in the company including that of foreign workers).