Acclaimed scientists are warning of catastrophic and irreversible effects from our inadequate environmental policies and dependence on fossil fuels. Given the urgency of this issue, Lauren supports the Green New Deal, an agenda that meets the scope of this enormous problem in order to counteract the damage done by humans to our earth.  She wants to emphasize the importance of ending subsidies such as those to factory farming (one of the main contributors to greenhouse gases) and instead promote regenerative agriculture practices.  Lauren also supports a national Single Use Plastics Ban by 2030. District 12 surrounds the East River and directly bears the effects of rising sea levels and environmental injustice which disproportionately affects marginalized communities.  

In combination with the Green New Deal, Lauren also supports nationalizing and upgrading all public transit and making public transit usage free for all.  We need to incentivize using the greenest method of transportation possible, but also ensure that it meets the needs of those who need to use it and is accessible for all.