Our society has inherited systemic ways in which it prevents people from improving their economic stances.  For example, university is unaffordable and many students graduate with loans that they may never pay off. Minimum wage at 40 hours per week does not cover a 1-bedroom apartment or even a studio apartment in Lauren’s district.  One trip to the hospital can bankrupt a family, with 4 out of 10 Americans unable to afford even a $400 emergency expense. Our system is failing our citizens.

Multiple members of Lauren’s family have survived from small Social Security checks after unforeseeable tragedies, and she strongly supports expanding Social Security benefits to keep up with inflation and rising costs of housing and to compensate for falling corporate pensions. Lauren will also fight so that students can attend a public university and graduate debt free, and those who have paid off their student debt should receive a credit for the money they should have never lost.  She supports universal child care which will remove one of the major burdens of becoming a parent, and she supports increasing the minimum wage to what is truly livable in each locality so that anyone working full-time can afford to pay for basic living costs. Lauren also supports switching to a residency based tax system to help end double taxation and double filing for working class Americans living abroad. Lauren supports increasing taxes on the wealthiest individuals in our society, as she believes that we have allowed a system in which the divide between the top 1% and the rest of us has widened while many are struggling to survive.