We are living the effects of a broken and failed criminal justice system. We must immediately stop providing military equipment to local police forces. We must strip immunity from police and hold police officers criminally liable for misconduct and civil rights violations. Every single time someone is killed by a police officer we must conduct a U. S. Attorney General’s investigation. Active body cameras should be required on every police officer while on duty. If these cameras are purposely obstructed, criminal charges must follow. There must be strict guidelines with independent oversight for all federal funding of police departments with immediate stripping of all federal funding in response to violations. We must create a federally-managed database of police use of deadly force. Federal funding should be provided to states for cities to establish civilian oversight agencies. Police officers should be hired from and live within the neighborhoods they will serve. We must ban for-profit prisons and end cash bail. We cannot keep criminalizing poverty. We must legalize cannabis and decriminalize the usage of all drugs. We must decriminalize skin color. Lauren has also proudly signed Anthony Clark and Cori Bush’s Pledge to #EndPoliceViolence.