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Initiate Impeachment Proceedings Immediately

When being sworn into office, each member of Congress takes an oath to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  Initiating impeachment proceedings following Robert Mueller’s report is the duty of Congress, regardless of the politics.  Elect leaders who are not afraid to stand up for what is right.

Legalization of Sex Work

Lauren strongly supports the legalization, destigmatization, and decarceration of sex work, which would increase the safety of all involved.  She is also against FOSTA-SESTA (a new law intended to curb sex trafficking), as she feels it limits free speech and also limits workers’ ability to work safely and independently.

Keep Religion Out of Politics

Lauren is a proud member of Middle Collegiate Church, which practices progressive, love-based activism throughout her community.  With that said, Lauren believes that religion does not belong in politics other than informing the belief that all humans are equal and deserving of basic human rights and compassion.

Net Neutrality/Internet Protection

A strong supporter of net neutrality, Lauren believes that open access to the internet should be a government-regulated utility rather than a corporate profit center.  She understands that economic success is closely tied to internet access, and monopolizing the internet is yet another barrier preventing disenfranchised individuals from achieving success.

Criminal Justice Reform

Lauren supports criminal justice reform that ends arrest quotas, encourages the development of positive relationships between police forces and the communities they serve, and ends for-profit prisons and mass incarceration which has historically impacted People of Color at a much higher rate. Lauren also supports federal legislation requiring an outside special prosecutor for cases involving …

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Hold Congress Accountable

Lauren believes that one major factor which has caused our system to be broken is that some members of Congress have spent their entire careers in office becomingly increasingly disconnected from their constituents. Paired with accepting corporate PAC money, many members of Congress can no longer in good faith claim that they represent the people …

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Voting Rights and Fair Elections Free of Big Money

In 2013, the Supreme Court struck down the Voting Acts Right requirement to have jurisdictions with significant histories of voter discrimination “pre clear” new voting practices or procedures, leaving voters vulnerable to discrimination at the polls. A bipartisan Voting Rights Advancement Act was introduced to the House and Senate and provides protections against discrimination to …

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Lauren supports bills like the Equality Act which would expand existing law to make it illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  Unfortunately, many Republican lawmakers still support legislation that further takes away the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community.  Protecting this community by explicitly making illegal any discrimination based on gender and …

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Economic Inequality

Our society has inherited systemic ways in which it prevents people from improving their economic stances.  For example, university is unaffordable and many students graduate with loans that they may never pay off.  Minimum wage at 40 hours per week does not cover a 1-bedroom apartment or even a studio apartment in Lauren’s district.  One …

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Marijuana Legalization

Given our expanding opioid crisis, it is evident that Americans are seeking ways to manage physical pain.  Many studies have shown that marijuana is extremely effective in treating pain, but without the same risks for addiction. Closely related is our issue with mass incarceration.  52% of drug arrests in 2010 were due to marijuana. Black …

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