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The Climate Crisis

Acclaimed scientists are warning of catastrophic and irreversible effects of our irresponsible environmental policies. Given the urgency of this issue, Lauren supports proposals that meet the scope of this enormous problem (such as the Green New Deal) in order to counteract the damage done by humans to this earth.  She wants to emphasize the importance of ending subsidies to factory farming (one of the main contributors to greenhouse gases) and instead promote small and medium-sized family-owned farms.  Lauren also supports a national Single Use Plastics Ban by 2030. District 12 surrounds the East River and bears the effects of the entire country’s choices regarding environmental policy.  Lauren strongly supports reversing budget cuts to the EPA.  She has worked in low-income energy research and is ready to be a vocal advocate for our environment and future.

Single-Payer Medicare-for-All

Our healthcare system is broken, and much of our costs fund a middleman (private insurance companies) rather than actually helping save lives.  The last thing someone who was laid off from a job should have to worry about is whether they will be able to pay their hospital bills. Mental healthcare and substance abuse disorder treatment should also be fully covered. Lauren believes that the reason we have not developed a universal healthcare system is, again, that politicians accept campaign donations from pharmaceutical lobbies and private insurance companies.  She supports the Single-Payer Medicare-for-All plan, as it removes the middleman of private health insurance companies. In addition, she supports medical debt forgiveness and free prescription drug coverage.

Women’s Rights

The Equal Rights Amendment is not federally ratified. Paid parental leave is not a mandatory employer benefit by law. The wage gap has not been closed. Reproductive freedom is constantly under attack. Our bodily autonomy is always under attack.  The Violence Against Women Act has been allowed to expire amidst partisan disagreements. Rape kits go untested due to lack of funding. Congress has allowed women’s physical and economic security to remain a secondary priority, and as a vocal, pro-choice advocate for women’s rights, Lauren will fight for women as a top priority.

Disability Rights

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed 29 years ago, and Lauren has only known a world where this life-changing act has helped better millions of lives. With 48,000+ individuals with disabilities in our district, it is inexcusable that anyone requiring an elevator may need to go 10 subway stops out of their way to exit the subway system.  Ensuring the MTA becomes more accessible is in the best interest of everyone.  People of all ages who are recovering from physical injuries, senior citizens, and parents with strollers will also benefit from increased accessibility.  Lauren grew up understanding the struggles of those with physical disabilities, as her grandfather was a quadriplegic. She believes that the Americans with Disabilities Act needs to be protected, strengthened and updated so that transit systems and public establishments are held accountable for true and practical accessibility for all.  It also needs to be expanded so that the burden of enforcement is carried by the federal government, not by those who cannot access spaces. Also, Social Security Disability benefits are NOT sufficient to cover the costs of living.  Lauren advocates for expanding and increasing  these benefits so that nobody relying on them is struggling to survive and provide for their families.  

Housing as a Human Right

Lauren fully endorses the Homes Guarantee ( which boldly champions housing as a human right.  Universal rent control, a social housing zoning law, proactive protections of public housing, and upgrades which will protect our environment are all included in this comprehensive plan.

People Over Corporations

We want American commerce to succeed, but it should not be at the community’s cost.   Experts cite the lack of regulations in the financial sector as one of the main causes of the financial collapse in 2008.  Lauren firmly believes that this lack of regulations was caused by politicians who accepted corporate money for their campaigns which swayed their decisions, and these same politicians failed to protect the country from unstable markets. Lauren also believes that the way that Amazon’s HQ2 played out in her district is evidence of corporate money in politics.  Many politicians who offered unconditional tax incentives to Amazon have accepted campaign donations from Amazon.  These politicians are now citing 25,000 jobs lost for the district.  Lauren believes that this is a false narrative.  We do not know that the 25,000 jobs would have been local hires, or if Amazon would have brought 25,000 people to Long Island City and the surrounding areas to add additional stress to the skyrocketing cost of housing and the crumbling subway system.  Would Amazon hire at least 50% women in management roles?  Would the type of labor complaints against Amazon that have been publicized in the last years be an issue in Long Island City? Lauren believes politicians should have pushed for more answers as part of the negotiation, but instead, they offered a one-sided deal which benefitted Amazon, possibly at the cost of the constituents.  Lauren will negotiate on behalf of her constituents, not on behalf of her campaign bank account as she accepts no corporate PAC money.

Why I'm Running

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Lauren Ashcraft for District 12-NY
Lauren Ashcraft for District 12-NY14 hours ago
I am so honored to receive the endorsement of @shahidforchange and am so excited to be partners for change! It was also so wonderful to welcome @shahidforchange to @katchastoria, the home of Queens progressives!
Lauren Ashcraft for District 12-NY
Lauren Ashcraft for District 12-NY2 days ago
I'm so honored to be featured in City and State NY with my fellow warriors and champions for change: Melanie D'Arrigo for Congress, Shaniyat Chowdhury for Congress NY5, Mel for Progress, Lindsey Boylan for Congress, and Jamaal Bowman for Congress! It's not about one race; for us to change Congress, it's going to take ALL of us.
Lauren Ashcraft for District 12-NY
Lauren Ashcraft for District 12-NY3 days ago
Thank you @blakeleymusic for opening your home for my meet and greet tonight on your birthday!! I love your passion about this election. Thank you also to everyone who came. It was such a pleasure to meet my partners in this revolution ❤️✊🏻#crafrootsnation

Happy birthday @blakeleymusic ❤️
Lauren Ashcraft for District 12-NY
Lauren Ashcraft for District 12-NY4 days ago
At a progressive coalition building trivia game at @sangerhall! It’s so wonderful to meet so many activists and constituents in the community ❤️
Lauren Ashcraft for District 12-NY
Lauren Ashcraft for District 12-NY6 days ago
I did a poll on my Twitter and found that 3/4 of people would leave their current jobs to pursue their dreams if we had a FJG and #SinglePayer #MedicareForAll. This is why huge corporations are so afraid of a democratic socialist government and donate to politicians who say it isn’t possible or its “too expensive.”
Lauren Ashcraft for District 12-NY
Lauren Ashcraft for District 12-NY1 week ago
So excited to see notifications from all of my friends across the country who won their local races yesterday! Congratulations to everyone who stepped up to run! I’m proud of the direction we are going in together 🙏🏻❤️


16 hours ago
Thank you @ShahidForChange for your endorsement! I cannot wait to be partners for change in Congress!
VoteAshcraft photo
Shahid For Change 🌹 @ShahidForChange
I know what it’s like to challenge an incumbent & what it takes to win. Today I'm endorsing Lauren Ashcraft for NY-12. @VoteAshcraft was the first in #NY12 calling for impeachment & she’s fighting big money with grassroots power!
1 day ago
Make billionaires millionaires again. 🙄
VoteAshcraft photo
Mike Bloomberg @MikeBloomberg
Officially filed in Arkansas to be on the ballot for the Democratic primary.

We must defeat Trump. He has failed us at every turn.
1 day ago
This election isn’t about one candidate, but rather about a coalition that will partner and fight for our communities. I wholeheartedly endorse @ShahidForChange as my teammate from CA-12 because of his creative leadership and history of fighting loudly for his community. VoteAshcraft photo
1 day ago
I better see some of you tonight at @ShahidForChange’s meet and greet at @KatchAstoria! ❤️We have some super exciting announcements and how often do you get to meet the person who will replace the Speaker of the House🙌🏻

#CA12 #NY12 #peoplepowered #grassroots
2 days ago
Thank you @MeetMckayla for your truthful statement on Bolivia. I also stand with the people of Bolivia✊🏻


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